Is it safe to do local SEO yourself?

The question as to whether it is safe enough to manage and do the local SEO work all by you is a controversial topic in itself. It is, in fact, a difficult task to come to a particular conclusion regarding this issue. This is primarily due to the various aspects that are attached to it. It is often said that we should not ponder or attempt to do something that we are not acquainted with or are not a pro at. SEO is one such field that makes this rule entirely applicable. This is primarily because SEO is not an area which is stagnant through the passage of time. It keeps changing and evolving through the years. It is, therefore, advisable to opt for self SEO tasks only if you are a complete pro at it and are confident about keeping pace with the evolving trends. To give you a better idea on this subject, let us take a look at the risks involved in performing SEO tasks yourself. Continue reading “Is it safe to do local SEO yourself?”

How to Optimize Your Images For Better Seo

As all blogger knows that any blogger should to add images to them articles.

When you add images to your articles, it makes your article more vivid and this helps to improve the SEO for your images & also for your article.

Adding an image to your article will help understand your article more.

“One Picture is Worth ten Thousand Words”

Optimize Your Images For Seo

In this post, I will explain the steps that should be taken to optimize your image for better SEO.

Find The Image

If you do not have the chance to add your own image ‘which is better than using images from internet’. You can find some unique images provided by sites such as: Continue reading “How to Optimize Your Images For Better Seo”

How Schema markup can improve your Visibility in SERP

Importance of Schema markup and how it can improve the ranking and visibility in search engines:

Many of the SEO enthusiast and webmasters ignore the importance of schema markup and structured data. Even if they are aware of its importance, this aspect is not given the importance it deserves. Schema is one of the most famous structured data markup formats. Yet how negligent and uninterested webmasters in general are of this format can be gauged from the fact that “Schema markup” has a search volume of less than 500. Continue reading “How Schema markup can improve your Visibility in SERP”

2017 SEO Optimization Tips for video

How to make your video rocket to the first page on Google

Online videos have become immensely popular over the past few years and many businesses and websites have used them in a variety of ways to give themselves a boost. It is even estimated in a report by Cisco that by 2016, about 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic would be generated through video views. This is why a large number of marketers have turned to videos to market their business and take a chunk of that traffic.

Continue reading “2017 SEO Optimization Tips for video”

Hiring an SEO Consultant in Dallas TX

No matter how you found us we’re glad you’re here. We know every business is looking for an edge you need a way for your business to stand out in the crowded marketplace and you need to convert that exposure into revenue higher margins and more importantly sustainable scalable profitability right now someone has a problem and is going to the internet to find a solution over 95 percent of Google searches never reach page 2 so how will your customers find you? As a the top Dallas Digital Marketing Agency. Our proprietary search engine optimization can finally get you in front of the clients who deserve to locate the premium services and products you offer and develop a sales process that converts. Continue reading “Hiring an SEO Consultant in Dallas TX”