How to Optimize Your Images For Better Seo

As all blogger knows that any blogger should to add images to them articles.

When you add images to your articles, it makes your article more vivid and this helps to improve the SEO for your images & also for your article.

Adding an image to your article will help understand your article more.

“One Picture is Worth ten Thousand Words”

Optimize Your Images For Seo

In this post, I will explain the steps that should be taken to optimize your image for better SEO.

Find The Image

If you do not have the chance to add your own image ‘which is better than using images from internet’. You can find some unique images provided by sites such as: (its very nice image source site )

Optimize The Image For Use in Your Article

before you add the image to your article you have to prepare it for use in your article by:

Choose The Proper File Name

proper file name is the first step in image SEO, This will help Google to know what the image is about. If your image is a dusk on the beach, The file name should not be ASD8976.png, But dusk-on-the-beach.png. The name keyword would be as the main subject of the image.

Pixels Size For Image Seo

As much as your site faster as much as easier it is to visit and index, Therefor you have to scale the image to the size you want to show it.

Reducing File Size

Reducing file size in smallest file size as much as possible can improve your image SEO, You can find many tools online can help you to reduce the file size like jpegmini, punypng or imageoptim.

Add a Caption Under Images

Add a caption under images will make the scanning of the page more easier for visitors.

Adding Alt and Title Tags

Google crawlers try to gathering data from alt attribute in hopes to serve you better results when you’re doing an image search. So alt & title tags designed to be an alternative text to describe the image.
More explanation in this article: Adding Alt and Title Tags on Images for Better SEO

Build Your Image Sitemap

Image sitemap will help Google to index your images and it will be good way to have better image SEO, Google is clear about image sitemaps:

By adding image sitemap you will give Google all information about images on your website, You can add new sitemap for images or you can include your images information to an existing sitemap.

Take these things in your mind when you adding an image to your article:

  • Choose The Proper File Name.
  • Pixels Size For Image Seo
  • Reducing File Size
  • Add a Caption Under Images
  • Adding Alt and Title Tags
  • Build Your Image Sitemap.

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